January 23, 2018

Samsung Handset Guide

Making Calls

To make a call
When making a call lift handset first, if you wish to dial handsfree, press [Speaker] or just start dialling.
To make an external call, dial [0] or select the Line, dial number.
To make an internal call, dial extension number or select programmed key. If LED is lit, user is busy.
To redial last number, press [Redial] or [19].
To Release calls
To release call, replace handset or press [Speaker] if handsfree. If you wish to release and make another call, press the softkey under [New] and wait for dial tone.
Speed Dial
Press [Scroll], softkey under [CALL], softkey [SPD], dial speed dial number.
Press [Scroll], softkey under [CALL], [Scroll], [DIR], choose from [PERS], [SYS] or [STN], enter first letter of name.
Dial [16] then speed dial number.

Answering Calls
To Answer a Call
To answer a call when your phone is ringing, pick up handset or press [Speaker] to answer handsfree.
Call Pickup
To answer a call ringing at another extension, pick up handset and dial [65] followed by the extension number.
If a call is flashing on your phone but not ringing, you can press the flashing button to answer.

Features used during a Call

Place a Call on Hold
To place a call on hold, press [Hold], the call will flash green on your phone and red on others.
To retrieve the held call, press the button with the flashing LED.

Transfer a Call
To transfer a call, press [Transfer] than dial extension number, when called party answers, announce call and hang up.
If you have ISDN lines you can transfer externally by dialling [0] or pressing Line button followed by phone number.
Conference Call

Press [Conference] while on a call, dial the number of the party you wish to add to conference, when they answer press [Conference].

Dial the next number you wish to add to conference (5 members in total) or press [Conference] to begin conference.
To disconnect a party, press [Conference] and dial station or trunk number of party to be excluded. Press [Conference] to resume conference.

Personalise Phone

Ring Volume
Press [Transfer] [114], softkey under volume level (1-8), press [▼Volume▲] until required level, lift and replace handset. Volume can also be adjusted whilst phone is ringing.

Ring Tone
Press [Transfer] [111], press [▼Volume▲] until required tone is found, lift and replace handset.

Handset/Speaker Volume
Whilst on a call with the handset or on speaker, press [▼Volume▲] until required level is achieved.