January 23, 2018

Inbound 1300/1800

Make your company look big no matter how small you are with a dedicated inbound 1300/1800 solution.

Inbound 1300/1800 services are a powerful communications and marketing tool providing efficient call routing options in a very cost effective solution. Your business will look established, dependable and committed to good service.

Inbound services are able to have the same number right across the country, to establish a consistent, service orientated profile.

1300 numbers allow your customers nationwide to contact your business for a flat untimed rate.

1800 number provide a free call option to your customers across the country.

13 number is a six-digit number which is easy to remember and promote.

Key Features:

  • Receive 15 minutes free on all calls originating from local numbers on your 1300 number
  • Never miss a call: manage call distribution and improve call handling with wide range of available routing features
  • No need to change phone numbers if your business is moving: the 1300 number helps you to establish a consistent profile for your business regardless of location changes.

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